Method combine_path()

Method combine_path
Method combine_path_unix
Method combine_path_nt
Method combine_path_amigaos

string combine_path(string path, string ... paths)
string combine_path_unix(string path, string ... paths)
string combine_path_nt(string path, string ... paths)
string combine_path_amigaos(string path, string ... paths)


Concatenate a number of paths to a straightforward path without any "//", "/.." or "/.". If any path argument is absolute then the result is absolute and the preceding arguments are ignored. If the result is relative then it might have leading ".." components. If the last nonempty argument ends with a directory separator then the result ends with that too. If all components in a relative path disappear due to subsequent ".." components then the result is ".".

combine_path_unix() concatenates in UNIX style, which also is appropriate for e.g. URL:s ("/" separates path components and absolute paths start with "/"). combine_path_nt() concatenates according to NT filesystem conventions ("/" and "\" separates path components and there might be a drive letter in front of absolute paths). combine_path_amigaos() concatenates according to AmigaOS filesystem conventions.

combine_path() is equivalent to combine_path_unix() on UNIX-like operating systems, and equivalent to combine_path_nt() on NT-like operating systems, and equivalent to combine_path_amigaos() on AmigaOS-like operating systems.

See also

getcwd(), Stdio.append_path()