Pike, IDA and the Pike Community

The Pike name, trademark, code and repository is owned by IDA, but lots of people around the world participate and contribute code, docs, tools and work of other sorts to Pike and the Pike community. So could you, if you want to. This applies as much to Pike itself as to the Pike site.


Before joining the Pike development team to contribute code, you need to

  • Tell us what you want to do - we suggest you post us a notice on what you want to do on the Pike list, or if LysKOM is more to your liking, in the Pike developers forum at
  • Accept the Policies for getting write access to the Pike git repository.
  • Get in touch with one of the administrators, providing your ssh public key (for doing checkins) and contact details, as well as the user name you want associated with your commits. Don't forget to mention that you have read and agreed to the policies.


Code frequency

Below is all weekly additions and deletions of lines of code in Pike since it first became version controlled. This is changes on the master branch. The chart is zoomable.

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