Accessing Git

You can download (clone) the latest version of Pike through git. This git version is always up to date with the latest changes, but as such it is not always well tested. As with the distributions, we take no resposibility for loss of data, time, hair, pets or any other damage that may be the result of using this software. That said, getting Pike from git is the most convenient way of staying up to date.

Getting the source

1. Make sure you have a version of Pike installed (7.0 or later). A suitable starting point is to download a source distribution, which already has the autogenerated parts in place; see the download page.

2. Make sure you have a recent copy of git installed. It must be version 1.7.2 or later. You can read about getting and installing git at

3. Run the following command to fetch the Pike source (this step only needs to be done once):

git clone git://

4. To update your local repository with the latest changes, change directory to the base pike directory and run git pull:

cd pike
git pull


There are also public mirrors of the git repository at and

Note! See Contributing for information on how to push code.